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What Do Entrepreneurs, Pokémon Go, and Your Target Market Have in Common?

Pokémon Go

Just one or two days into all the Pokémon Go hoopla, and I was asking when the novelty would wear off because I was tired of hearing about it. I’ll be honest that it doesn’t interest me at all, even though I think I’ve finally figured out what it’s all about.

However, scrolling through my Facebook news feed, a video caught my attention. It was posted by NowThis and the caption was, “This Uber driver is taking riders on Pokémon Go expeditions.”

(Looking into it further, I found that the caption was wrong and he is not an Uber driver. I don’t know the specific details or legalities of his business.)

Pokémon Go was released and everybody went crazy over it. Tom Larkin saw a business opportunity to help people catch Pokémon. He and his guide take them to Pokémon Hotspots for $10/hour. I’m sure he could easily charge more and he probably should be, considering gas, upkeep, and his time. He said within an hour his inbox was full of requests to take people to find certain types of Pokémon and to go to Poké stops to get Poké balls.

This is genius. This is entrepreneurship and total marketing genius!

He saw the new obsession, and he saw the desire for people to travel to catch Pokémon and get Poké balls. He was open to creative ideas, thinking outside of the box. They had a need; he had a solution for that need.

Of course, he’s not the only one. Ads are popping up on Craigslist, offering Pokémon chauffeur services to dedicated players. According to Polygon.com, “One driver says they’ll pick up drivers at a requested location and drive them around the city… This particular driver is charging $30 for the first hour and $20 for every hour after that. They will not, however, do anything illegal like stop in the middle of the highway, users must wear seat belts, and they’re not speeding.”

They also state, “One driver is offering free Wi-Fi so players don’t have to burn through their data plan while hunting Pokémon. They tout themselves as an experienced delivery driver and Pokémon trainer who knows all of the best local locations and can take players to gyms they didn’t even know existed. This driver is also charging $30 an hour…”

Obviously it’s much safer to hire a chauffeur than for them to drive themselves around, causing an accident while trying to capture a Pokémon (using a phone while driving is illegal in most places), but are these Pokémon fans foolish to pay money to have someone drive them around so they can catch Pokémon and get Poké balls for a game? Well, probably, but that’s not really for us to decide. People will find money for things that they want and for things that motivate them, and it’s up to them how they decide to spend that money.

These drivers saw an opportunity arise and quickly took action. They are very clear on who their target market is, what their needs are, what solution (service) they can provide to them for that need, they knew where to find them, and they clearly marketed their services to them.

Apparently, we can learn something useful from this Pokémon Go craze after all, as well as gain inspiration.

As a coach, how can you be creative and think outside the box in your business? Are you clear on your target market, what their needs and pain points are, and how you help them or fill that need?

Do you consistently relay that clarity to your target market in your marketing – your elevator pitch, your website, your blog posts, your social media profiles/pages AND activity, your videos, your free gifts or lead magnets, your emails and newsletters, your landing pages, your sales pages, and your teleseminars and webinars?

Be clear. Be consistent with your messaging and marketing activities. Think outside the box. Look for new opportunities. Be clear. Be consistent.

Canadian Virtual Assistant for Coaches

Why Coaches Need a Virtual Assistant

Small business owners, business coaches and life coaches are busy and, at some point, they often come to the conclusion that they can’t do it all and be successful at the same time. Their own business coaches will often tell them they need a virtual assistant.

CoachDoes any of the following sound familiar to you?

You get overwhelmed with trying to keep up with your online presence and trying to figure out technology. You may be struggling to keep up with your social media accounts and blog. You are trying to figure out how to make changes to your website and add sales/squeeze pages. You are collecting emails on your website, and trying to send out regular newsletters and email marketing campaigns.

You are trying to sort through the hundreds of emails in your inbox (often sending out the same answers to questions over and over again). You are trying to manage selling products and services in a shopping cart and on your website, as well as develop new products and services. You are trying to launch new products and promote them through joint ventures.

You are trying to schedule appointments and send the contacts the appropriate information. You are trying to provide customer service and refunds. You are trying to do copywriting for sales pages and maybe writing for an e-book or physical book. You are trying to place ads and listings online. You are trying to research new technology that you need. You are trying to manage online membership sites.

You are trying to set up virtual events (teleseminars or webinars), and send out the appropriate information and reminders at the right times, hoping there will be no glitches, and then you have to make sure the replay is available afterward and reminders sent out. Don’t forget to make sure all of the links and corresponding download pages or sales pages are set up and all working properly! You may have promised to have the call transcribed and made available to participants, so don’t forget about that or they’ll be hounding your for it!

Are you tired yet? I’m exhausted just writing about it! How much time does this leave you to work with clients and actually make money? What about a personal life? No wonder so many entrepreneurs are overwhelmed and stressed out!

Because you are handling your website yourself, you may not have the best security measures in place and… crap, your website just got hacked. Maybe your website and blog posts haven’t been optimized for SEO (search engine optimization), so no one can easily find you in a Google search anyway.

Projects aren’t getting completed because you’re overwhelmed. You either don’t have the time or you don’t know how to use the technology to put all the pieces together.

Emails are getting overlooked or response time is slow. Same goes for responding to voice mail and customer service inquiries.

Email marketing newsletters and broadcasts get sent out occasionally, and sometimes with typos or display errors (images in the wrong place because of email/browser incompatibility and lack of testing before sending).

Instead of having a consistent social media presence with a social media strategy and marketing plan, you disappear for days or weeks at a time, you market too much (buy from me, buy from me, buy from me), and/or your profiles may not be completely filled out and optimized. Or you may be wasting too much time on social media and not getting results. We all know how easy that is to do!

Then what happens if you get sick, go on vacation, go to a networking event, or host or attend a live coaching event? Will everything continue to run smoothly, or will everything pile up or fall apart because there is no plan and there are no systems in place?

Does all of this leave you any time to work with more clients and come up with creative new ideas for products and programs?

You need to focus your time on activities that:

  • Bring in the most money
  • You love to do
  • You are strongest in (your talents)

Everything else may need to be done, but does it need to be done specifically by you? Delegating does mean giving up some degree of control, but you always have input and the final say. If you already know exactly how everything works and the exact steps you need to have things done, you can always develop a procedures manual for a virtual assistant to follow. Otherwise, a virtual assistant with experience in specific areas can step in and get everything working for you. Depending on the help you need, this may require one virtual assistant or a few. Not all VAs are alike due to specialization and services offered.

If you would like to set up a Complimentary 30-minute Discovery Session to determine if we would work well together, you can schedule your preferred time in my calendar below:


Forget the Resolutions

If you’re like most people, you have probably made your New Year’s resolutions. I don’t make resolutions anymore. In my opinion, they’re generally a waste of time. You usually make resolutions just for the sake of making them, with no intention to keep them, or if you do intend to keep them, you stick to them for a week or maybe a month, then they are forgotten until the next New Year comes around.

You know I’m right, don’t you? I’m sure you’ve experienced this yourself. Whether they are business-related resolutions or exercise/weight loss resolutions, you have good intentions starting out, but those intentions conveniently fade and you don’t hold yourself accountable to them.

So forget the resolutions. Instead, sit down and set some serious goals for yourself and your business. Put some thought and effort into it. Everyone needs to set goals, including coaches and virtual assistants.

If you’re a virtual assistant or you are looking at changing careers, maybe you need to take action to learn a new skill. If you’re a coach (or any entrepreneur), maybe you need to improve your marketing and online presence, or create new programs or products.

  • Create a reasonable list of long-term goals for the year. Don’t make the list too long and overwhelming. It may only consist of a few bigger goals, but make sure at least one item on the list stretches you out of your comfort zone slightly.
  • Then make a list of achievable, short-term goals for the next three months. Again, avoid making the list too long. Use your long-term goal list for inspiration and make sure these are goals you can commit to. At this point, you don’t need to necessarily know all the details of how you’re going to achieve those goals, although that certainly helps, but you need to be willing to commit to them, knowing they will catapult your business and success forward.
  • Take at least one item on your short-term goal list and break it down into smaller steps.  What baby steps need to take place to achieve this goal? Get started on these right away.

If you have trouble with breaking down the goals and knowing what steps need to be taken, then you need to consult with either a business coach or life coach (depending on your circumstances), and/or a good virtual assistant who works with successful entrepreneurs in your niche. They will help you form your ideas, give you motivation, give you structure, hold you accountable to your goals, help you plan a strategy and give you a place to get started. After all, you don’t make progress by standing still and doing nothing. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Any steps on your list that are difficult or too time consuming for you (eg. technical skills), or are easy but are distracting you and taking time away from your billable working hours (eg. administrative work), you need to outsource those steps to a virtual assistant. There is only so much that you can do yourself, and many times, someone else can do it better and much more efficiently. Remember, a virtual assistant isn’t an employee, but a fellow business owner and a partner in your success.

If you’re a busy, overwhelmed coach who needs to delegate more, or if you’re a newer coach who would like to implement the systems and strategies that the established, successful coaches use, go ahead and schedule your free 30-minute Discovery Session session today to discover if we would work well together.

If you’re an aspiring virtual assistant, get a free e-book to learn more about becoming a VA and join me at my Virtual Assistant Mastery Facebook page.

Virtual Assistant in Canada

6 Mindset Success Strategies for Coaches

Virtual Assistant in CanadaAs a Virtual Assistant, I understand how building your coaching business can be a challenging, yet rewarding experience.

One moment you may feel like you’re on a high, very enthusiastic, and the next you feel frustrated and overwhelmed. This is common, but one of the keys to business success is to maintain a positive mindset.

Here are six strategies to help you create the positive mindset you need to reach the success you desire:

1. Surround yourself with successful and positive people. It is said that you are a combination of the five people you spend the most time with. Attitudes catch like a virus. If you spend a lot of time around negative people, you will absorb their negative energy and limiting beliefs. Spending time around positive and successful people will inspire you to always be moving forward toward your goals. They believe in themselves and they believe in you too. They are your support group and they want you to succeed.

2. Create affirmations. It can be helpful to repeat positive affirmations to help motivate you and believe what you’re saying. Many successful business men and women use affirmations in this way. Some examples are:

  • I am successful
  • I am confident
  • I am knowledgeable
  • I am skilled
  • I am attracting my ideal clients
  • My business is successful
  • Clients appreciate me
  • My business is growing
  • I am organized
  • Money flows to me freely and easily

Make sure the affirmations are realistic and something you can envision. If you say, “I am a successful astronaut,” but that is not something you are actively working toward and it is not something you can realistically see yourself doing, then it will be completely pointless. If you have trouble coming up with affirmations that are right for you, make a list of your doubts and insecurities about yourself and your business, and then create affirmations that are the exact opposite.

Repeat and/or write your affirmations several times a day, while envisioning what you are stating and feeling what that would be like. You can even write them on sticky notes and post them around your house where you will see them regularly.

3. Catch negative thoughts as you are thinking them. It’s natural to have negative thoughts, but they are just not helpful to us and they hold us back from achieving our goals and dreams. Find something that works well for you so when you find yourself thinking negative thoughts, or just feeling negative in general, you have a tool to use to change your thinking.

Some tools could be the affirmations (mentioned in the previous point), uplifting songs, positive quotes, meditating, taking a walk outside, exercising, or using a rubber band on your wrist to give yourself a little reminder snap when you think negatively.

4. Be grateful. Gratitude is a very powerful tool for success. Be thankful for all the wonderful and positive things and people in your life. When you are grateful and appreciative, you will find that challenges are not so difficult and more opportunities will come your way.

You may find it helpful to keep a gratitude journal that you make entries in daily. You can always find something to be grateful for, even something small or seemingly insignificant. This will help you keep a positive perspective when you are facing a difficult situation, when you’re feeling down or you just don’t feel like you’re making progress. You can review entries in your journal to remind yourself of all the positive aspects in your life.

5. Set goals and intentions, and then let them go. Knowing what you want is important, but don’t get hung up on or obsessed with them. The Law of Attraction says that we attract what we focus on (good or bad), but if you are desperate and needy, you will only attract more situations that cause you to be desperate and needy! You will be sending the universe mixed signals. Set your goals and intentions, let them go and have faith that they WILL happen.

6. Take action. You’re not going to get anywhere by just intention alone. The universe wants to help you get what you want, but you not only need a positive attitude and clear intentions, you also need positive action. What steps can you take today to help you reach your goals?

With the right attitude, you can reach your goals and accomplish anything you put your mind to. As an entrepreneur, success is within your reach. Embrace these six powerful mindset strategies and you will see more growth and success in your business, and as a result, you will be happier and sleep better at night!

If you need help implementing some of those action steps on the technical or administrative side of your business, or you just aren’t sure what you need to do next, don’t stress yourself out. A Virtual Assistant can handle these things for you and help guide you in the right direction.

Contact me today for your Complimentary Discovery Session to discover how I can help your business grow.