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Sheila Alley

 Sheila Alley Coaching

Professional Image Coach, Style Consultant, Magnetism & Confidence Coach, Speaker

“I have had VAs in the past but none so on-top-of things as Lisa. She gets things done promptly, she does them well and always goes a beyond expectations. She knows a lot too!


Kim Leischner

 Be the Change – Professional, Personal & Spiritual Development

Professional Certified Coach, Master Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner, Certified Constellation Facilitator,
Reiki Master

“I have been working for myself since 2002 and I really know that administration is NOT my strength or passion! When my coaching business evolved to an even more virtually-based model, it was definitely time to find someone to help me. I researched an spoke to many different VA’s and, after one disastrous choice after another, I am so very glad I finally found Lisa and The Virtual Solution!

Lisa is always prompt, helpful and professional. She knows her stuff and can explain how things work in easy to understand language. She sets up the needed systems to make my online coaching business work – website changes, promotions, webinars, enrollment, payments and more – she really makes my vision for my business a reality! I whole-heartedly recommend her as a essential support for any coach wanting to grow their business online.”


Donna Clark

DC Video Creations

“I have resisted and put off hiring a VA because I couldn’t afford it. In reality, trying to do it myself cost me more time and frustration, and I didn’t do it as well as Lisa MacDonald, the techie VA did!!

Thank you Lisa for all your help with this. Website has been revamped and a landing page created for my IFO, and I love what Lisa has done. I feel so relieved with her taking care of my video blogs. It clears my head so I can work on client stuff!”


Dr. Jane Coddington, Phd

Breakthrough! Consulting & Coaching

“Lisa made my pages beautiful for my landing page setup and, more importantly, the sequence all works — way more moving parts than I could have figured out. I can’t thank-you enough!”


Anita Watts

Anita Watts

Live 2 Your Potential


I’ve been in business for 2 years now trying to do it all on my own. My first lesson learned is “You need a VA!” After my first strategy call with Lisa I immediately felt like I was in good hands and was not alone in my business anymore.

Lisa was able to explain to me all that needed to be done on the back side of my business (in understandable terminology, as I am not techno savvy).

Lisa is brilliant! She took all of my ideas and business needs, and within a week had put what I had no idea of how to do, into a professional operating system where I now feel comfortable inviting my clients into my business.

Now I can share my gift to the world and not have to worry or waste my time figuring out all of the intricate moving pieces that go on behind the scenes.

Thank you Lisa for your brilliance, efficiency and professionalism in helping me step up my business, knowing I have a business partner that I can trust and count on to help me get to where I want to go.


Donna Hyatt

Donna Hyatt

Business Coach & Arbonne Consultant

Donna Hyatt Coaching

“I found Lisa to be very professional, always on schedule and very helpful. Unlike many VAs, Lisa is a partner in your business, not just a “doer” of the things you wish to delegate. Her business acumen is excellent and her ability to keep her clients away from the shiny objects is extremely valuable!

If you are looking for a business partner to confidently handle the “backend” of your business, look to Lisa! She’s an expert!”



Donna Sickinger

Business Coach & Direct Sales

Pajama Paycheque

“I couldn’t do this without my virtual office service. Lisa does all the things I don’t want to do or don’t have a clue how to do. Yes, it costs money, but look at the rate per hour. If I ask her to do something for me that involves technology, I guarantee you I end up spending a lot less because she knows what she is doing, and does it quickly and correctly. I’m sure I could figure it out, but at what cost, and would it be done right?

My policy is, stick to what you’re good at and make money to pay for help with those things that you are not. This has allowed me to grow a successful business and still have a life. To me, that’s priceless. So thank you to my virtual assistant! Because of you, I work in my pajamas late at night because I want to, not because I have to.”



Angela van de Riet

Life Coach

Engaged Living

“Before hiring Lisa, my website was not reflective of me. Now it is totally where I am at and I am loving it. Lisa helped me get my real self out there, and I was able to get clear and decisive about how I wanted to show up. Now I’m proud of my site.”


Tim Emerson

Tim Emerson

Kwan Yin Healing

“When I turned to Lisa MacDonald, it was simply out of need–I couldn’t keep up with transcriptions of my program calls, and needed Lisa to help me catch up. However, not only did she get me out of that crisis, but also she did the job better than I had been doing it. So when I needed a website makeover, I incorporated Lisa from the start–and again, the results exceeded my expectations, all without me having to spend time on the details. Now, I literally sit down and consider how I can transfer tasks to Lisa, as it’s frankly one of my best business strategies.”



Kathy Barthel

Web Copywriter/Message Expert/Speaker

Take on the World

“You are a goddess! This project was a challenge for me to do on my own because it was not my area of expertise. As a result, the time I was spending on it was taking me away from running my business. It was wonderful to have someone as talented, efficient and full of integrity as you, to help me with it. I hope our paths cross again soon!”


“Before working with Lisa, my VA’s would always make excuses as to why things were not done on time. Lisa shows up 100% and everything is done with integrity, organization, clarity, and precision. She always knows how to solve every technical issue and every launch I have ever done goes off without a single hitch. She is truly professional and organized. I highly recommend Lisa’s services and am grateful for all the support she provides my business!”



Maria Tomas-Keegan

SafeHarbor Coaching

“Not only was the timing perfect for me but, Lisa’s expertise in technology, website, social media, marketing, joint venture and event support were exactly what I was looking for. I know what I am good at and I know that I want to spend my time doing what I’m good at. I want someone else who is good at the stuff I’m not good at to be REALLY good at that stuff. That’s Lisa. The best part is that Lisa is so self-motivated that she needs little if any direction from me … in fact, it is more likely that she tells me what I need to be doing. I LOVE that.In a nut shell, Lisa is a resourceful, highly intelligent, techno-savvy and easy-going VA who knows all about how to set up and manage the back-end systems and processes needed by coaches, holds results-oriented strategy sessions that move the business forward and has a very laid-back manner about her that exudes quiet confidence in her ability to handle my business the way I want it handled.”



Tripp Kramer

Dating Coach

Tripp Advice

“I highly recommend Lisa. Great communication, work ethic and knows her stuff!”



Christy Calbos

Calbos Coaching International

“Lisa MacDonald – the BEST virtual assistant – now becoming my right arm in biz – cool, creative, quick, professional, fantastic… You’re the bomb! So glad I found you!”


Tim Emerson

Tim Emerson

Kwan Yin Healing

“Lisa is an awesome VA. It’s one of the smartest moves I’ve made this year.”