Roadmap Brainstorming Session

Is your brain full of random ideas & you need a thorough brainstorming session?

Not sure what to do next or where to start?

Are you struggling with your website, your systems or your elevator pitch

A 90 minute Roadmap Brainstorming Session can be a great place to start. It’s like a mini-version of the VIP Session! I will take notes as you talk, ask you questions, answer your questions, and give you suggestions. I’ll help you organize your ideas and projects so you have a clearer path for where you want to go next. We might uncover 10 projects (big or small) that you want to work on, but I’ll help you prioritize which ones you need to focus on now and which ones can wait.

  • Create a plan to improve your online marketing that will allow you to get in front of your target audience and reach more people so you can build the “Know, Like and Trust Factor.” This may include your website/blog, email marketing, social media and more.
  • Critique your website and/or social media profiles or pages to identify weak areas and help you reflect who you are, who you help, and what solutions you provide through your marketing message.
  • Create a 30-second elevator pitch that you can use at networking events, on your website and on social media! Your target market needs to clearly know who you work with and how you can help them within one-to-two sentences!
  • Mindset – this plays a big part in your business success. What negative thoughts are holding you back and making you think you’re not good enough, or that you don’t have what it takes to be a successful coach, trainer, consultant or virtual assistant and get paid what you deserve to be paid? I have strategies that can help!
  • Pick my brain! Go for it. 🙂

The Roadmap Brainstorming Session can be done by phone or via Skype.

Ready to get started?

$397 CAD