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Are You Slacking Off? Can Your Business Run Without You?


As I write this, it’s summer. The sun is shining, the weather is warm and, if you’re like me, you just want to spend time outside doing the activities you love! You probably want to spend the summer vacationing, and rightly so. You should—BUT only if your business can run without you. Just because you’re vacationing doesn’t mean you should close down your business during that time. That’s the WORST thing you could do.

So come clean. Are you slacking off in your business right now? Why are you slacking off?! How is this beneficial to your business in the long run?

Your business finances reflect your activities of the past 60-90 days.

If you close your business down for the summer or part of the summer because you want to vacation and you assume nobody works during the summer months anyway (which is wrong), you’re going to be in for a big disappointment come fourth quarter when you look at your income totals!

How can you take the much needed and desired time off without taking a nosedive in the fourth quarter? You plan for it. You design it. Just like you schedule your coaching calls, programs, and launches around your vacation schedule, you make sure you have a team in place to keep your business running for you while you’re relaxing on the beach or camping. Depending on where you are in your business, your team could be one virtual assistant, or it could be an online business manager and several virtual assistants.

You make sure the marketing doesn’t stop.

Your team can continue to send out your newsletters and emails, they will keep your social media accounts active, they will keep promoting your products and services, they can prepare the set up and promotions for the upcoming teleseminar/webinar you may be hosting when you return (or that you may “pop in” and host during your vacation), and they can address customer service issues and questions in your absence.

If your team is smart and savvy, they can automate most of the marketing, scheduling it ahead of time, and they will be able to take off some much needed time as well.

You don’t stop marketing just because you’re vacationing. If anything, it should increase so you can ensure growth continues and you can finish the year with a strong fourth quarter, meeting or surpassing your income goals for the year.

What are you doing this summer? Have you properly prepared your business for summer vacations and a strong fourth quarter? Tell me in the comments below.

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How to Market Your Business Online Pt. 5: Video Marketing for Coaches – You May Hate Doing It, But Your Prospects Love It!

(My imperfect video with less than desirable sound without my headset!)

I hate doing videos. I hate being seen. I hate being scripted. I hate being unprepared and stammering because I’m unscripted. I hate doing multiple retakes and video editing because I’m a perfectionist.

However, I love the results of video marketing. I love the increased views I receive. I love the feedback I get. I love connecting with my target audience in a more direct way.

I love watching videos. Sometimes I get tired of reading and I just want to relax for a few minutes, and watch and listen. I love seeing the person that I’m learning from speak. I love hearing what they have to say. It feels more real, more genuine. I feel more connected to them. I trust them more. I like them more.

How about you? Do you feel the same way?

Many entrepreneurs feel this way. Many coaches feel this way. Many virtual assistants feel this way. The fact is… many of us have a fear of being seen and judged. It’s something that we just have to get over and do it anyway. Your prospects want and crave video. They want to be entertained. If they’re not watching your video, they’re going to watch somebody else’s, and that somebody else could very well be your competitor! We all need to take every opportunity to put ourselves out there in front of our target audience, to be seen by them in various formats and reach them in different ways.

Video marketing is not new. It has been popular for a number of years and it’s still popular. People are so busy and overwhelmed by online content. Many prefer to watch a short video rather than to take the time to read.

Video on Your Website

Digital Sherpa says that, “80% of your online visitors will watch a video, while only 20% will actually read content in its entirety.” That’s a HUGE percentage! [1]

They also said that 1/3 of all online activity is spent watching video and that the average internet user is exposed to an average of 32.2 videos in a month. [1]

According to Wistia, “Websites with video are 50 times more likely to be ranked on Google’s first page.”

Re-read those statistics. Go shoot some frigging videos. Get out your smart phone or turn on your laptop’s web cam and shoot some video. Sure, professional videos are better (and I can give you a referral if you need some edited or spruced up, or if you need short marketing videos created for you, etc.), and you may want to consider professional filming for actual sales videos, but when creating videos for tips, updates, video blogging, etc., just find a quiet, well-lit place and start shooting.

YouTube Stats, Social Media and Live Streaming

Certainly don’t forget about YouTube. It has been stated that YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world. Wow. Let me repeat that. The #2 SEARCH ENGINE in the world.

Every day 100 million internet users watch an online video and 50% of users watch business related videos on YouTube once a week!  [1]

Post your videos on YouTube, but don’t forget to post and share your videos on all of your social media pages and profiles. Share them everywhere!

You can also do live steaming videos with recorded playback through GoogleHangouts and YouTube, Periscope, Facebook Live (coming soon to all profiles and pages), and more. These give you a way to connect with and educate your current subscribers and community, and they also give you the opportunity to attract new prospects. Do you need to do all of these? Not necessarily. It depends on where your target audience hangs out the most. Don’t be afraid to do some testing and analyzing to see what kind of response you get with the different platforms, and then focus more time and energy where you are getting good results.

Video in Emails

Click-through rates increase 2-3 times when marketers include a video in an email and “Subscriber to Lead” conversation rates increase 51% when video is included in email marketing campaigns. [1]

If you’re not using video as one of your marketing tools, you’re missing out on a big share of online traffic opportunity.

Do you use video as part of your marketing campaign? How have you used it and what results have you seen because of it? Tell me below!

Want to know how to add video to your email newsletter or campaigns? Stay tuned for my next article and I’ll explain exactly how you can do this!

[1] The statistics were from 2014 and were found at the following link – http://www.digitalsherpa.com/blog/25-amazing-video-marketing-statistics – which now redirects to another website.

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How to Work With a Virtual Assistant When You’re a Control Freak

virtual assistantAh, control freaks. I am one. I want to run and manage my own business, doing everything myself, including my own work and my clients’ work. I know one of these days I’m going to have to give in and hire someone to work for me. I want to… and yet I don’t!
I completely understand what you’re going through. It’s hard to let go and trust someone else to do something right. While we think it’s faster and easier to do everything ourselves, we are limiting our growth because there are only so many hours in a day and we are probably not focusing as much time on revenue generating activities as we should be.
While I completely understand what it’s like to be a control freak, I also understand what it’s like from a virtual assistant’s point of view.
One of many things that drives a virtual assistant nuts is a control freak. Why? Because you tend to micromanage everything! Pretty much to the point where you might as well just do it yourself. It’s great to know what you want and to have a good understanding of how everything is done, but you have to develop some trust between you and your virtual assistant.
Your VA needs some room to breathe, some room to be creative, some room to offer suggestions or perhaps a better way to do something, and to feel that you have some amount of trust in him/her and his/her abilities. If you just plain don’t trust them and things aren’t going well, then they aren’t the right VA for you. That trust is important.
Micromanaging isn’t going to save you any time. The purpose of delegating is to hand it off to someone else to be done.
Do you continually check in on something being worked on, critiquing and testing processes before it’s even ready for you to look at?
That drives me batty! I’m not done yet! Of course it looks funky. Of course the opt-in isn’t fully functional yet. Of course you didn’t receive the autoresponder message. Of course the payment button isn’t hooked up yet. I’m still working on it. Of course the email layout looks funny or there are errors in the TEST email. I’m testing it. Go have a coffee and take a chill pill. I’ll let you know when I’m done working on it and it’s ready for your feedback! 🙂
What if you can’t just let go and you need to make sure things are done in a very specific way?
Well, there are some things you can do. You can create step-by-step processes for everything routine that needs to be done. These could either be written documents or screencast videos showing exactly how to do the task, step-by-step. While this may not be applicable to everything you are delegating, this is useful for teaching the VA something new, something routine that you want done in a very specific way, or for something that is specific to your business.
Even better would be to organize these into an Operations and Procedures Manual. This could be a large document that contains all of the instructions for every process in your business. If you have created screencast videos instead of documents for processes, you can include the link to the videos in the appropriate place.
Alternatively, you can have an Operations and Procedures folder in Dropbox or Google Drive that you can both access. Each process could have its own document, folder, or video (if you have lots of storage) within that main folder.
It takes a little bit of time to do, but you only have to do the documentation of each process once (unless the procedure changes). Then if something happens to your VA, another one can step in and more easily pick up where the previous one left off. This is a real timesaver for you in the long run. You can tell the VA what you need done and refer to the specific document/video.
Now that that’s done, you need to be able to trust your virtual assistant to be able to follow instructions and complete the tasks. At first, when the relationship is still new, you’ll certainly want to check up on the work afterward to make sure that everything was done correctly. But at some point you need to trust your virtual assistant to do the work.
Also, when your relationship is new, have your virtual assistant test everything thoroughly and wait for your approval before proceeding. This may be a newsletter or email broadcast, or perhaps a sales page. If they are writing social media content or blog posts for you, have them send you the material first and then publish it once you approve. This will allow you to see if there are any mistakes that need to be corrected, and hopefully in time you will feel confident enough in your VA to allow them to just go ahead and send or publish the material on their own, without having to go through you first.
Your VA wants to please you but also wants to feel that you trust him/her and his/her skills. It can sometimes take a few months in a new VA/client relationship to work out the kinks, for the two of you to get into a good rhythm and develop trust between the two of you, and for the VA to gain a good understanding of your likes, dislikes, and preferences. Give it a good chance to succeed but, at the same time, if it’s just not working, it might not be the right pairing for you.
Business Growth Virtual Assistant in Canada

Business Growth Doesn’t Happen Without Investing

piggy-bankBecause I’ve worked with business coaches a lot in my business, I have frequently heard how important it is to invest in your own business, but what does this actually mean? How do you invest in your own business? Why would you spend more money on your business when you need it for something else, like bills?

There are many ways you can invest in your business. You can invest in training courses to update or gain new skills. You can invest in new equipment to replace your old, dated or broken equipment that is limiting you. You can invest in business coaching so you can create goals and a plan to grow your business. You can hire a virtual assistant and/or personal assistant.

It’s important for me to have fairly up-to-date equipment that works well, and I’ve always been willing to invest in training courses because I could see the benefit of developing skills that my ideal clients are looking for, but that’s pretty much where I stopped. I did pay for some sporadic coaching and 4-week or 6-week group coaching programs, and those group coaching programs are really great for learning, but they are also limited in helping you succeed, especially if you don’t implement and take action.

The last couple of years I’ve been strongly suggesting, and in some cases insisting, that my clients and potential clients have a business coach because I was getting frustrated in seeing clients not follow through with their ideas, get distracted with bright shiny object syndrome, or just give up on their business because they’re not making enough money.

I have also seen how my clients who do have coaches are motivated, they have structured goals and plans, they are held accountable, and they are pushed past their fears and out of their comfort zones. They are also instructed by their coach to hire a virtual assistant, if they have not already. Why? Because they need somebody who is capable to help implement the plan that has been created and make sure all of the systems are in place, and it is not you, the coach, who should be spending time doing this and trying to figure out how all of the technology works. Your time is better spent elsewhere, especially when I can likely do the work in a fraction of the time.

When you, your business coach, and I work together to create and implement a plan, we really can do wonders in propelling your business forward and achieving financial growth for you at a much faster rate. It’s really exciting and satisfying for me to see the results.

I finally decided to walk my talk and invest in a business coaching and mastermind program. I enjoy the ongoing learning, the accountability, the networking, and support.

As summer winds down and we head back into fall, what steps are you taking and what commitments are you making to ensure your business growth and success? I want to hear about it! Have you updated your business equipment? Are you going to upgrade your skills? Have you purchased a new program or tool? Have you hired a coach? Have you hired a virtual assistant? Be sure to comment below!


Is Your Website Confusing Potential Clients? Make Sure Your Niche & What You Do Are Obvious.

Confused WebsiteIf I go to your website, will I be able to tell within seconds what you do and who you work with? And when I say who you work with, I mean your ideal client. Is it obvious to a potential client, or is your website confusing?

People generally aren’t going to take the time to search for it. If your website doesn’t catch their attention and identify them, immediately, as an ideal client, they aren’t going to linger to find out more.

I make it clear on my website that I’m a virtual assistant and that I support business coaches and life coaches. True, I don’t try to cram all of my services on the home page, but visitors can instantly qualify or disqualify themselves by knowing that I offer virtual assistance and that I offer it to business coaches and life coaches.

If they don’t need virtual assistance, they will likely leave. If their business doesn’t fall under the coaching umbrella, they may choose to leave. That is perfectly fine because they are not my ideal clients. If their business falls under the coaching umbrella and they need virtual assistance, they will hopefully stay on my website to learn more about my services and discover if I can help them.

Put Yourself in Your Ideal Client’s Shoes

Think about what you do when you go to a website and you’re looking for information. You want to find the information you are looking for quickly. Do you get frustrated when you can’t find that simple bit of information easily? Do you tend to leave or do you spend time searching for the information? It probably depends on the situation and what it is you’re looking for. Most people don’t have a long attention span these days and always seem to be in a hurry. Make it easy for them, and as obvious as possible.

What is Your Niche?  Who is Your Ideal Client?  What Do You Do?  How Can You Help ME?

Do you typically work with people just like me? Are we likely to be a good fit? Do you understand my niche and what I need? How can you help ME? These are things I will want to know. If I find the answers to these are yes, then you have my attention because you are an expert and you already understand me! I probably don’t need to look any further to find someone to help me.

You want to make sure that it’s easy for people to quickly identify what you do and how you can help within seconds of landing on your home page, and without scrolling down! Use your website name, slogan, and all of the real estate “above the fold” (the area visible without scrolling down) to your advantage to get your ideal client’s attention. If what you do and how you can help ME (your ideal client) is not obvious, people may quickly move on to the next website to find the help they are looking for.

What Does This Have to Do With Virtual Assistance?

I sometimes have to have this conversation with prospective clients because if you don’t know exactly who you’re targeting your services to, how are your ideal clients going to know? How am I, as your virtual assistant, going to know? I’ll be limited in my ability to help you in your marketing efforts if you’re not clear on your business and your goals, and I want to see your business grow, not struggle!

Even though you clearly state on your website who your ideal clients are and the problems that you help them solve, you can still help other people if they approach you, but you can’t be seen as the go-to-expert if you are being vague in your marketing, which includes your website.

I’m not your business coach, but I’ve worked with enough of them to know how important it is to get this figured out, and that’s why I so strongly recommend my clients have a business coach (even if you are a business coach yourself). Even the best business coaches have coaches to motivate them, hold them accountable, and help them see things in a different way. If you’re struggling with this, feel free to ask for a list of business coaches I recommend.

If you have all of this in order, let’s set up a time to talk about your business goals and how we can implement your strategy, while freeing up more of your time to allow you to work on enrolling new clients and creating new coaching programs.

Canadian Virtual Assistant

Four Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Virtual Assistant Today

By Intuitive Business Coach, Michael Mapes:

Virtual AssistantOne thing I get asked all the time is, “When is the right time to hire a virtual assistant?” And my answer is always the same: no matter where you’re at in your business, if you want to be able to grow your business quickly, right now is the time to hire a virtual assistant.

No matter what stage you’re at, whether you’re a super-newbie or you’ve been at it for a while, you need at least 5 hours of VA support every month. As you grow, you will need additional hours of support.

Here are four reasons it’s essential that you get at least 5 hours of VA support in your business right now.

First, I constantly see business owners throwing their head against the wall when it comes to things like:

  • uploading copy
  • setting up their email marketing sequences
  • formatting their blogs
  • proofreading their modules
  • dealing with technology
  • finding time to respond to emails

This becomes such a huge time suck, and more importantly it takes you away from your three essential tasks as an entrepreneur

  • Seeing clients
  • Enrolling clients; and
  • Creating content for their programs/products/services.

In other words, without a VA you are being taken away from your NUMBER ONE role as an entrepreneur: being the creative force behind your business.

Second, people wait until it’s too late and make their job way harder. This is what I did, and I completely regret it. I waited until I was already close to booked solid to get help. And then had to take time out to train my team, versus having a VA in place as I grew that I could simply bring on for more hours, and that could help me train other team members.

Third, not hiring a VA is often a form of avoidance.

  • Are you changing your website around instead of making phone calls to potential clients?
  • Are you avoiding going to a networking event because you’re doing administrative work?
  • Are your fears getting in the way of high-value activities? So instead you focus on back-end administrative work?

Remember 80% of your time should be spent either seeing clients or marketing directly to clients (setting up strategy sessions, networking events, self-hosted intro workshops, webinars, emailing contacts etc.) and 20% (or less) should be spent on administration. Most entrepreneurs that are struggling have the 80-20 reversed!

Fourth, there are tasks that you can have a VA take care of that will directly increase the amount of money you bring in.

Tasks like:

  • Reaching out to people you’ve done strategy sessions with that didn’t buy to see if they want to hop on the phone and talk enrollment.
  • Re-purposing content and submitting it to magazines and article submission sites to drive more traffic to your opt-in.
  • Contacting various venues to see if they accept speakers.
  • Reaching out to potential JV’s and affiliates

Hiring a virtual assistant is a great way to increase your productivity, help you make more money, and get more clients. And the time is now!

As a special Thank-You to Lisa and her amazing readers I’d like to invite you to take advantage of my Get Clients Now Success Kit valued at over $300 at zero charge. You’ll receive tons of action strategies that you can use right now to make more money, get more clients, and help way more people. Get your copy at http://www.michaelmapes.org/lisa

Canadian Virtual Assistant for Coaches

Why Coaches Need a Virtual Assistant

Small business owners, business coaches and life coaches are busy and, at some point, they often come to the conclusion that they can’t do it all and be successful at the same time. Their own business coaches will often tell them they need a virtual assistant.

CoachDoes any of the following sound familiar to you?

You get overwhelmed with trying to keep up with your online presence and trying to figure out technology. You may be struggling to keep up with your social media accounts and blog. You are trying to figure out how to make changes to your website and add sales/squeeze pages. You are collecting emails on your website, and trying to send out regular newsletters and email marketing campaigns.

You are trying to sort through the hundreds of emails in your inbox (often sending out the same answers to questions over and over again). You are trying to manage selling products and services in a shopping cart and on your website, as well as develop new products and services. You are trying to launch new products and promote them through joint ventures.

You are trying to schedule appointments and send the contacts the appropriate information. You are trying to provide customer service and refunds. You are trying to do copywriting for sales pages and maybe writing for an e-book or physical book. You are trying to place ads and listings online. You are trying to research new technology that you need. You are trying to manage online membership sites.

You are trying to set up virtual events (teleseminars or webinars), and send out the appropriate information and reminders at the right times, hoping there will be no glitches, and then you have to make sure the replay is available afterward and reminders sent out. Don’t forget to make sure all of the links and corresponding download pages or sales pages are set up and all working properly! You may have promised to have the call transcribed and made available to participants, so don’t forget about that or they’ll be hounding your for it!

Are you tired yet? I’m exhausted just writing about it! How much time does this leave you to work with clients and actually make money? What about a personal life? No wonder so many entrepreneurs are overwhelmed and stressed out!

Because you are handling your website yourself, you may not have the best security measures in place and… crap, your website just got hacked. Maybe your website and blog posts haven’t been optimized for SEO (search engine optimization), so no one can easily find you in a Google search anyway.

Projects aren’t getting completed because you’re overwhelmed. You either don’t have the time or you don’t know how to use the technology to put all the pieces together.

Emails are getting overlooked or response time is slow. Same goes for responding to voice mail and customer service inquiries.

Email marketing newsletters and broadcasts get sent out occasionally, and sometimes with typos or display errors (images in the wrong place because of email/browser incompatibility and lack of testing before sending).

Instead of having a consistent social media presence with a social media strategy and marketing plan, you disappear for days or weeks at a time, you market too much (buy from me, buy from me, buy from me), and/or your profiles may not be completely filled out and optimized. Or you may be wasting too much time on social media and not getting results. We all know how easy that is to do!

Then what happens if you get sick, go on vacation, go to a networking event, or host or attend a live coaching event? Will everything continue to run smoothly, or will everything pile up or fall apart because there is no plan and there are no systems in place?

Does all of this leave you any time to work with more clients and come up with creative new ideas for products and programs?

You need to focus your time on activities that:

  • Bring in the most money
  • You love to do
  • You are strongest in (your talents)

Everything else may need to be done, but does it need to be done specifically by you? Delegating does mean giving up some degree of control, but you always have input and the final say. If you already know exactly how everything works and the exact steps you need to have things done, you can always develop a procedures manual for a virtual assistant to follow. Otherwise, a virtual assistant with experience in specific areas can step in and get everything working for you. Depending on the help you need, this may require one virtual assistant or a few. Not all VAs are alike due to specialization and services offered.

If you would like to set up a Complimentary 30-minute Discovery Session to determine if we would work well together, you can schedule your preferred time in my calendar below:


What the Heck is a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual AssistantI get asked this question all the time, “What is a Virtual Assistant? I’ve never heard of that before.”

Although virtual assistance has been around for a while, it’s still a fairly new concept, but it’s becoming more and more popular as successful businesses and entrepreneurs are almost required to have an online presence these days.

A Virtual Assistant is a highly-skilled, independent professional who remotely provides administrative, technical and/or creative business support services. A VA is not an employee, but a career partner with a multi-client business.

Virtual Assistants may have many titles (depending on experience level and services offered), including virtual business assistant, virtual administrative assistant, virtual receptionist, virtual office assistant, executive virtual assistant, real estate virtual assistant, virtual author’s assistant, virtual bookkeeper, virtual wedding planner assistant, social media manager, website designer, online business manager, etc.

Here is only a partial list of possible services:

  • Desktop publishing
  • Realtor support
  • Author support
  • Coach support
  • Executive support
  • Bookkeeping
  • Social media
  • Transcription
  • Research
  • Editing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Internet marketing
  • Backlinks
  • Keyword research
  • Website design
  • WordPress design and/or maintenance
  • E-book design
  • E-book publishing
  • Membership sites
  • Affiliate programs
  • Email marketing and list management
  • E-commerce
  • Customer service
  • Answering phone calls
  • Making phone calls
  • Data Entry
  • Advertising
  • Copywriting
  • Article/blog post writing
  • Article posting
  • E-zines and newsletters
  • Power Points
  • Press releases
  • Forum posting
  • Sorting emails
  • Replying to emails
  • Event planning
  • Virtual event planning
  • Product launch
  • Scheduling
  • Travel plans
  • Personal tasks

Many entrepreneurs who, in the past, would work with clients one-on-one and in person, have found that because of the evolution of the internet, they are no longer restricted to geographic location and the amount of money they can make per hour. Now, they can work with clients anywhere in the world and they can easily work with multiple clients at one time via Skype, conference calls, teleseminars and webinars. For those who sell products, they have found it extremely important to offer their products online because e-commerce is now a big industry. Entrepreneurs and small businesses also recognize the importance of having a strong social media presence. With so much to do and limited time to do it, many recognize that they just can’t do it all.

Some entrepreneurs have a small home business and they desperately need help, but they just can’t hire a full-time employee or they don’t have the space to hire an in-office assistant. Fortunately, a virtual assistant can be hired for certain projects and services, they are only paid for the time they actually work, and most services can actually be done virtually!

What do I do? I help Coaches, Trainers and Consultants with online technology and marketing so that they can have less stress, more time, and they can focus on making money. I do this through virtual assistance and online business management. You can click these links to learn more about my services.

What questions do you have about virtual assistants?

Joint ventures

3 Reasons a Joint Venture Call May Fizzle

phoneAs a Virtual Assistant, I am often in the middle of product launches and joint venture calls, which usually involve a teleseminar or telesummit call via phone and/or internet broadcast.

I recently gave some advice to a newer coach, and I thought I would share these points with you too, in case you didn’t get the results you were hoping for from your own product launch, or maybe you’re preparing for your first one.

Here are three reasons that your joint venture or preview call may fizzle:

1. Vague Target Niche

The problem with having a vague target niche is when your message is too widespread, people won’t connect with it and the solutions you may have for them. It goes right over their head, even if they would really benefit from your help.

You can still offer your product and services to everyone, but for specific talks, you may have to target specific audiences or a specific theme (money, health, love, etc.) so you can hit specific ‘pain points’. I’ll talk more about this in a future article.

You can tweak your message and talk to the specific issues, and tell your story from that perspective, or stories and successes of your clients (anonymously). Then people think, “Wow, it seems like she’s talking directly to me. It seems like she really knows how I feel and what I’m going through,” and they feel a connection to you.

People want to know exactly what they are going to get out of working with you, and depending on the target and theme, you can specify it (improved health, more energy, more money, more clients, self-love and relationships that work, losing weight and getting healthy).  People don’t buy processes; they buy results.

Also, if you are participating in a telesummit with so many other speakers, there are a lot of options for people to choose from and it’s too easy for you, as a speaker, to ‘get lost in the crowd’. You need to make yourself stand out by making yourself an expert on a specific topic so people remember you and think of you as the go-to expert for their specific problems. People want to work with experts.

2. No Time Urgency With Bonus

If you’ve listened to teleseminar calls before, you’ve probably noticed that a great program, product or service is usually offered to the listeners at the end of the call. You may hear something similar to one of the following:

“Everyone who signs up by midnight Eastern tonight will receive a special bonus… (special discount, audio recording, access to a group coaching call, 30 days email coaching, a bonus one-on-one discovery session, strategy session, or evaluation, etc.).”

“For the first 5 (10, 20) people who sign up, you will receive a free introductory session with me to discover what is holding you back and how you can change it.”

It could be anything that is offered as a bonus, but there is almost always a reward that is offered for those who take action early. If you don’t get people to take action by that first night (because they feel like they are missing out on something valuable if they don’t), then it is less likely that they will choose to sign up for your product/program, as they will put it off and forget about it or change their mind.

3. Price of Offer is Too Low and/or Doesn’t Contain Enough Perceived Value

Lower pricing doesn’t necessarily mean an increase in sales. Sometimes it means just the opposite because people don’t think it holds enough value or they think you don’t have enough confidence in what you’re offering.

People have found that potential clients or customers may balk at a low price for a product or service, but when they decided to double or triple the price, those same people who balked before now jumped on it because they felt it was more valuable!

If the price for your product or service that you are promoting through joint ventures or preview calls is too low, this may mean you either need to raise the price or bundle it with another product or bonus to increase the perceived value. Always appear to over-deliver so that prospective customers think they will be getting a great deal.

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Recover Files - Virtual Assistant in Canada

How to Recover Deleted Files From Flash Drives

Virtual Assistant in CanadaOh no, you actually did it. You told yourself never to do it, but before you could stop yourself, you went and clicked on the wrong option and… you deleted an important file from your flash drive! Now you feel like crying because it was the only copy you had, and now it’s gone.

There has to be a way to get it back even though everyone tells you, “Forget it. It’s gone. You’re screwed.”

Just to be sure, you check the trash can on your desktop, but of course, it’s not there. Darn, I’m screwed, you think to yourself.

I played out this scenario not very long ago, but the only thing is, I’m a lot more stubborn than most people! I don’t like hearing, “There’s nothing you can do” or “You can’t do that.” It makes me more determined to find a way to prove everybody wrong.

After a lot of internet searching, I did prove them wrong. The common statement that a file is irretrievable when you delete it from a flash drive is completely false! It’s a myth. It should be easily retrievable if you have the right tools. It was actually very easy and completely cost-free!

There are several software tools out there that claim to recover deleted flash drive files, but I had great luck with the first one I tried, so I didn’t need to test out the others. I have absolutely no affiliation with the product or the company, but because the software is easy to use and does exactly what it claims to do, I’m happy to tell the world about it!

Recuva is a Virtual Assistant’s dream come true. Actually, it’s any computer-user’s dream come true! It’s a file-recovery program that allows you to:

  • Undelete the files on your computer that you have deleted by mistake
  • Recover files from damaged or formatted disks, flash drives (thumb drives/USB sticks), storage cards, etc.
  • Recover deleted emails on your computer (of course, this won’t work for web-based email!)
  • Recover deleted iPod music
  • Restore unsaved Word documents (!)
  • Run a deep scan for harder to find files
  • Securely delete files and erase any traces of them
  • Use a portable version that you can take with you to use anywhere you need it
  • Choose different Recuva download options, depending on your needs, ranging from Free to Professional to Business Edition


http://www.piriform.com/recuva – Even if you don’t currently have a need for this program, you may want to bookmark the website because chances are, you will need it at some point in time.


Download and install the Recuva program, according to the directions. When you open the program, the Recuva wizard will start. It will guide you through the process.

You will choose the location/drive of the file(s) that you want to recover and what type of file(s) you want to recover (photos, documents, music, etc.).

You will see a complete list of files that are of the type you had chosen. Select which file(s) you want to recover, click ‘Restore’ and then select the location you want the file to be recovered to (eg. Desktop). For best results, Recuva says it should be a location other than where the file was lost or deleted (eg. The flash drive).

It really is that easy. Don’t you wish you had come across Recuva years ago?