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How to Market Your Business Online to Find More Clients – Pt 4: Irresistible Free Offer & Landing Pages

Why should you offer a free gift on your website? Think about this. People come across your website and they’re interested in your products or services, but they’re not ready to buy yet. You may or may not have a simple newsletter signup box, but you have nothing else to offer them right now, so they leave. Even if you had a simple newsletter signup box on your website, they didn’t give you their name and email because they don’t want yet another newsletter clogging up their inbox.

They have left and chances are they WILL forget about you, and they will never go to your website again.

Now these potential clients are lost to you. You don’t know who they are and you have no way to contact them to offer your services.

Lead MagnetHowever, they came across one of your competitors’ websites, and that competitor offered a cool free gift. The gift title caught their attention and offered to help solve a pain point that they have, something they’ve been struggling with. They decided they just had to have that, so they entered their name and email address to get it.

Now this competitor is helping and educating your potential client, and they have this potential client’s email address. The competitor is sending out regular emails and newsletters to continue educating this potential client, reminding them of who they are and what they have to offer them, and building the “Know, Like, Trust Factor.”

A month, a year or three years later when this potential client is ready to take that step, spend some money and get some help, who do you think they will likely to turn to? That’s right, your competitor.

Melanie Duncan stated, “Data suggests that 95% of visitors won’t buy anything on their first visit to a site, so what are you doing to encourage browsers to become future buyers? Are you letting them slip through the cracks?”

Melanie also shares some other statistics: “With 838 billion marketing emails sent in a year, you have to be offering a good reason for a customer to welcome another email into their overwhelmed inbox.”

“40% of customers are willing to give permission to be emailed in return for something of value.  And, with 66% of customers likely to make an online purchase as a result of a marketing message, the lead magnet is your golden ticket.”

The lead magnet she refers to is the irresistible free offer. This is exactly why you MUST have an IFO on your website!

What should you offer as a free gift? It could be any of the following examples:

  • Report
  • E-book
  • Checklist
  • Tip sheet
  • Templates or charts
  • Audio download
  • Video series
  • Etc.

What Do You Need to Set Up?

As a brief overview, you create your free gift (PDF, .MP3, etc.) and create an email campaign in an email marketing system. There are many out there to choose from (iContact, MailChimp, GetResponse, Constant Contact, 1ShoppingCart), and they will help you comply with the anti-spam laws. You set up an autoresponder message to deliver your free gift, and then create the code for an opt-in box or landing page – where people will sign up.

Landing Page or Opt-in Box?

Ideally, you should have both. An opt-in box should appear on your home page and most pages on your website so no matter where people land on your website, they have that option of getting your free gift. It should be “above the fold” so people don’t have to scroll down to see it, and it should be either centered or on the right-hand side, depending on the design of your website.

A landing page is a page dedicated to only that free gift so that there are no other distractions or options. This is useful for when you’re sending people directly to your website to get your free gift. You may offer the free gift on the back of your business card or to someone via email. You may do Facebook advertising to help grow your email list, and you are sending people directly to that landing page. Your only objective here is to get people on your email list. If you have things set up properly, they can be directed to your main website after they have “opted in” by giving you their name and email address. Then they will have the opportunity to look around or you can take advantage and make them an offer of some kind.

“Help, I’m technology challenged! I know it’s important, but I don’t have time to figure out how to set all of this up!”

No worries! I have a starter package where I’ll take care of all of this for you. If you don’t already have an email list in a proper system (like I mentioned above), I’ll set up the following for you:

  • Your email marketing account
  • The email list
  • Create an opt-in box and put it on your website
  • Create a customized landing page for you to send people to directly
  • Automatic delivery of the free gift.

And there’s more!

I’ll also set up a simple custom newsletter template and we’ll have a 20-minute complimentary strategy session afterward to discuss implementing a regular newsletter and email campaign so you can keep in touch with your new subscribers.

Ready to get started? Click the button below to order the package and I’ll get back to you soon with more details!


What is WordPress and Why Should You Use It?

There are two types of WordPress platforms, and most technical-type Virtual Assistants are very familiar with the difference between the two.

 1.  WordPress.com

This is a free blogging platform that uses WordPress.org’s open source platform to run its blogging service, and it’s hosted by WordPress. The domain (web address/URL) is provided by WordPress.com and looks something like http://yourwebsite.wordpress.com.

It comes with a lot of restrictions. After all, you don’t expect them to give you their best service with free hosting, do you? 😉  You can choose from the free themes and widgets that they offer. Plugins and video uploads are not allowed.

Because of all the restrictions and the unprofessional URL, WordPress.com is not recommended for businesses, and it is against their terms of service to use the free blogs for business purposes (although many people do).

You can choose to upgrade to their paid hosting to get access to all of the features. I don’t recommend this option because others have had various negative experiences in doing that.

2.  WordPress.org 

If you haven’t yet been convinced about how powerful the WordPress Open Source Platform is, you will be soon. By using WordPress to build your website you’ll be joining some large corporations, universities and many thousands of small businesses who already know how fabulous WordPress is. WordPress is the most commonly used website platform in the coaching community because of it’s flexibility in design and use.


Because WordPress is so very popular, you will likely be able to find expert help at an affordable price. It should be no problem to find a Virtual Assistant who is an expert in WordPress setup, design and security.

The WordPress software itself is free, as are many templates, themes and plugins. Templates and themes are the overall design of the site. You simply purchase or get a free theme and modify it to meet your needs. I strongly recommend purchasing a quality theme for increased support and security.

Plugins give WordPress extra functionality. There are thousands of plugins, including social media, security, shopping carts, membership sites, message boards, RSS feeds and much, much more. The possibilities are truly endless with WordPress.

WordPress is also extremely search engine friendly! Many people say that Google loves WordPress. It’s setup in such a way that even a novice, with the right plugins, can put in SEO features such as meta tags and descriptions. With WordPress, you can easily incorporate a blog right into your website, which will also help you rank higher in the Google search results. Additionally, creating a website with various types of layouts is easy.

A magazine type layout is just a click away with WordPress as a content management system. If you want to run a local business directory, simply find a theme or template that is already set up with the right look and plugins to do the type of functions you desire. Editing and creating new pages for your site is as easy as sending an email, and there is nothing to download. Everything can be accomplished via a web browser.

To use the basic features of WordPress, you don’t need to be a coder or know anything about HTML. The most important thing is to find the right theme and plugins to create your own look to showcase your brand and unique selling proposition.

Most people, once they learn how to use WordPress, are literally able to build a site and have it up and running within hours. There are tutorials available on the WordPress.org site. If you can follow directions and learn to work with cPanel, you’re ready to get started!

If you need help getting your WordPress website or blog up and running, check out my WordPress Virtual Assistance Services.